Warhorse Pet Shampoo & Conditioner is the brainchild of Tawana Weicker, a North Carolina high school teacher and eco-entrepreneur with a green chemistry and soap making obsession. The inspiration for this venture came from one of her student’s senior projects about making biofuel. The student taking a “sip” of her project got Tawana to thinking, so with the help of her students, she started to learn how to make biofuel for herself. At first, her husband told her, “You’re going to ruin your car engine.” But, months later, she and her husband were building their own biofuel setup, collecting oil from local restaurants, and making plant-based biofuel for their diesel tractors and vehicles.

Next, she researched age-old soap chemistry called saponification. Her goal was to recycle the byproduct oil left from the biofuel process. This dark amber byproduct is rich with glycerin and fatty acids—the good stuff for making multi purpose cleaners and degreasers. Developing an innovative refining process and soap formula, several years later she had an effective, lab tested cleaning soap that contained no petrochemicals, pesticides, metals, or synthetics; but was also kind to the skin.

For three years, after the school day ended and on weekends, she experimented with other natural ingredients to develop an effective cleansing soap for animals with sensitive skin. Further inspired by her grandmothers’ herbal remedies, she formulated a full bodied, nutrient-rich gentle shampoo that pet and horse veterinarians tested and applauded for its skin and hair loving essential fatty acids and micro nutrients.

In 2007, the soap-making, research, and green chemistry evolved into Warhorse Solutions. Biofuels chemistry became a state supported science class at her school, Polk County High School and the school has continued growing the sustainability program with the help of Clemson professor David Thornton and Appalachian State. She named the cleaner, “Warhorse,” after those students who inspired her, who embraced a warhorse work ethic, a fearless passion for exploration.

After several years of testing and fine tuning by Tawana Weicker and her team (some of them her former students) at Warhorse Solutions, BarkGoods has become one of the first online retailers to bring their signature Warhorse Pet Shampoo, a truly green, sustainable product to the marketplace.

Warhorse Solutions

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