To understand BarkGoods, one must start with the birth of its parent company, The Bark, in 1997. Like many good ideas, The Bark was born out of necessity—giving voice to the evolving phenomena we called dog culture. What began as a newsletter, quickly grew into a glossy, prestigious magazine known for insightful journalism and sterling literary and art offerings. Over the years, The Bark has chronicled the importance of dogs in today’s culture—exploring the bond that makes dogs and humans the world’s oldest friendship. The magazine and website has resonated with hundreds of thousands of dog lovers who seek a deeper connection with their canine companions.

Within our pages, we offer everything from health and wellness to behavior and training, while showcasing the fresh ideas impacting canine cognition and learning, nutrition, animal rescue and the changing role of dogs in society. We take dogs seriously, but we’re also devoted to the joy they bring into our lives … travel, treks, games and humor, are all regular features in The Bark. Our motto: “Dog is my co-pilot” sums it all up nicely.