Meet The Makers: 2Hounds Design April 02 2015

Alisha Navarro, owner of 2 Hounds Design and maker of the amazing Freedom No-Pull Harness, has an educational background you don’t often see in a collar/harness manufacture: a BS and MS in physics and a BA in mathematics.
The research skills she honed in school came in handy in 2003 when she wanted to design a special martingale collar for her two retired racing Greyhounds. Her next move was to purchase the patent for the Freedom No-Pull Harness, with its ergonomic design and soft velvet lining, in 2009. (We can personally attest to its effectiveness in stopping even the most forward-moving dogs from pulling.) Built on rock-solid principles and incorporating the highest quality materials, all of the products are made in Monroe, N.C., where Navarro currently employs 25 people. As she observes, “I am lucky to live in what used to be a textile mecca, where a large part of the world’s furniture was once made. Many of those jobs have gone overseas, so it really means a lot to me to be able to help employ some of the people who have lost their jobs.”